6 Reasons Why Your Business Benefits From Social Media


Social Media


Let’s assume you are one of the Entrepreneurs who use traditional marketing techniques in the Business. But you have been seeing other Businesses or your competitors get their Brand on Social Media and it has intrigued you to think whether you should get your brand online or not?


Sounds familiar? If yes, then this blog is for you!


Here in this article, we will first tell you the role of Social Media as a powerful marketing technique and why so many Entrepreneurs are using it. Second, we will explain you the merits of getting your Brand Online today!


While some Entrepreneurs might think of Social Media as being a fad and to let their business be a part of it till it lasts, others think of it as a no return, unaccounted medium.

With over 3 Billion people using the internet in the world, about 2 Billion are active on their Social Media accounts. Predictions are that by 2018, Social Media User will grow up to 2.5 Billion. People have a notion that Social Media is not a profitable marketing technique but the majority of the Marketers using Social Media say that it has definitely helped them in generating a lot of website traffic and that it’s important for businesses to have a Social Media presence.


Let us now answer the ‘why’ for you. Why should you get your business on Social Media


1- Brand Awareness

“We don’t want more visibility.” said no Business ever. Adding more visibility and voice to your business will only create more ripples in the water. The more your brand is ‘out there’, the more share of voice and reach it would have.

Social media would not only help you acquire more customers but also help you become more accessible and recognizable for your existing customers resulting in to building stronger & lasting relationships.


2- Customer Insights

The amount of users being active on social media is directly propositional to the amount of data being generated- every day, every hour, every second! Social Media gives your business insights about your customers in terms of who they are, what they like, what is their online shopping behavior, what are their interests etc… Helping you understand them better and to get directions to make effective marketing decisions.

Insights become the forces of influencing the kind of content you put out that results in making your customers get more involved and engaged with your brand.


3- Competition Analysis

Competition analysis helps business in discovering the weakness and to identify the opportunity gates that can be ventured and profited from.

There are various tools that help you gain the important information about your competitors to help you devise a better marketing strategy for Social Media, alter your content basis the likes and dislikes of your customers, improvement in your products & services etc…


4- Target the Right Customer and get Real Time Results

When it comes to promoting your business, Advertising on social is inexpensive as compared to Google Adwords.

Social ads let you do precise targeting- giving you copious parameters basis which you can target your customers. For instance, Facebook lets you zero down your targeting to Location, Demographics, Interests, Behavior etc…Giving you real time results to analyse the performance of your ads campaign. Optimizing your ad campaign basis what is working and what is not working can help you get an immediate improvement in the Conversion Rate.


5- Customer Experience

Being on social media helps your brand to get more accessible to your customers, making it easier for them to reach out to you with queries or grievances and for you to respond and address.

Being active in responding to your customers is the ‘Key’ that impacts hugely and adds up to eventual financial gains.


6- Increase your Conversion Rate

Social Media gives you an easy and fast way to publish your content, have more access to your followers and opportunities to effectively engage with them. Every single piece of content, your comments & shares, increase the chances of generating a lead and to have an eventual conversion.

For example, you have a Hotel and you actively post about your Hotel, its Services, Guest Experiences and Reviews. A person who follows your page sees your social media post in his/her news feed, clicks on the Call To Action (CTA) in the post and comes to your website. He/She checks the website and leaves your website without making any bookings. However, after a month, the very same consumer wishes to go on a holiday with family and your hotel comes to his/her mind. The consumer returns back to your website and finally makes a booking. That is what we mean by Eventual Conversion!


Want to get started on Social media but don’t know how?

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